Talana Limited is a marketer, stockist and distributor of bulk industrial chemicals, minerals and raw materials to a diversified customer base. We physically source, finance, transport, stock and distribute essential commodities to a range of industrial consumers globally.

Our customers rely on our skill, market intelligence and global resources to effectively manage the supply chain ensuring delivery of strategic materials to their production facilities.

We are a responsible participant in all of our markets and focus on the establishment and on-going improvement of supply lines that will be maintained in the long term, enabling our customers to focus on their core business of manufacturing and processing, knowing that the products supplied by us are readily available.

As a company we are continuously exploring new markets and products which keep us at the edge of the world’s new frontiers.



We secure product supply through long term off-take agreements with Producers and encourage technical interaction between all parties. Our suppliers are all First Class companies who conform to various international accreditations and offer product support throughout the developmental cycle of our customers.

“We finance and actively invest in assets linked to the products we trade.”